Notion for educators

Notion for educators

One free workspace for your syllabi, notes, assignments, and more!

Tools that work the way you want

Study smarter, not harder.

Docs & databases

Keep all your lectures, assignments, and exams in one place — easy to edit and easy to find.

Drag & drop

Notion is built to be flexible. Get your thoughts down, then rearrange them to add additional structure.

Embed 500+ apps

Create dynamic learning experiences. Embed code, video, images, audio, equations, and more.

Track progress with boards

Track the progress of lesson plans as they move from outline, to draft, to completion.

Free & fully featured

All the perks of a Notion Personal Pro Plan — no fees or strings attached!

For organizing every corner of your life.
  • Unlimited pages & blocks
  • Share with 5 guests
  • Sync across devices
  • Content API
    Coming soon
Personal Pro
Personal Pro
For power users who want to do even more.
  • Unlimited file uploads
  • Unlimited guests
  • Version history

Trusted in classrooms everywhere

Passing tests for educators around the world.

WE LOVE NOTION! - we've used Notion to teach a class and even do all the homework and assignments.
Tim Tregubov
Director, DALI Labs at Dartmouth
I'm literally speechless — you have no idea how much easier you're making my job for me.
Jennifer Ellis
Program Coordinator, USC
Notion keeps us organized so we can focus on what matters: serving the student consistently and remarkably.
Dan Pickett
Co-founder, Launch Academy

Questions & answers

Why is Notion free for students and educators?

Notion is the perfect tool for school. And it couldn’t be more core to our mission to support the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and leaders.

I’m already paying for a Personal Pro Plan. Can I still get free access?

Yes! Detailed upgrade instructions are available in the help center.

Am I eligible for free Personal Pro Plan access?

You’re eligible if:

  1. You’re a student or educator at an accredited college or university.
  2. You have a school email address. We don’t accept student IDs or other documentation to verify at this time.

You’re not eligible if:

  1. You’re a K-12 student or K-12 educator. But you can still use our Personal Plan with unlimited storage for free! Learn more on our pricing page.
  2. Your Notion account is associated with a personal email address, such as a or email address.
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